The Chemical Resistant Properties of PTFE Ring Gaskets

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), is a synthetic fluoropolymer and the most chemically resistant plastic known.  It is able to handle a wide range of applications and conforms to both AMS and FDA specifications, making it suitable for aerospace, medical, and food production industries.

PTFE Ring Gaskets

The gaskets are used to prevent the leakage of the acids, alkaline, gases, etc. from the flange joints, pipelines, and valves. The gaskets are the sealing agent that creates a seal at the surface of the joints. There are various types of the material that is used to make the gaskets for the industrial application. 

The Chemical Resistant Properties PTFE Ring Gasket:

The device is great at resisting the leakage of liquids flowing inside. It acts as the seal at the surface of the joints and prevent the liquid or gases from coming out. PTFE is the non-metallic material which is known for its chemical resistance properties. The gaskets are manufactured in round shape which is perfectly fit for the flange joints with the precise measurement.

The best thing about PTFE Ring Gaskets is, it has low friction and has high wear resistance. The material used to make the gaskets is known for resisting the chemicals as it locks the liquid inside the joints and prevent it from coming out. The ring gasket has holes for the bolts installed at the joints for the precise application

Post time: Apr-30-2017